Our Mission

The Fostering Love Community Closet is a compassionate haven for foster, adoptive, and kinship families in Jackson County. We are dedicated to providing both emotional and material support, ensuring that every child’s journey into a loving home is marked by comfort and care.

Providing Support

Our mission is to ease the burdens these families may face, offering essentials
like diapers, wipes, car seats, cribs, and clothing — all for free. While the primary focus of Fostering Love’s distribution is on families with foster, adoptive, or kinship placements, we also freely help families experiencing homelessness and tragedy.

Fostering Community

The Fostering Love Community Closet fosters a sense of community for adoptive and foster parents by facilitating connections with church members, foster closet volunteers, and fellow foster families.

Why We Exist

Approximate Number of Foster Children Nationwide

Number of Foster Children in Alabama in 2022

Average Number of Foster Children in Jackson County


Percentage of Foster Families that Quit After Year One

Ways to Donate


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Fostering Partnerships

Community Partners

Jackson County Department of Human Resources

“Our ‘No’ will be much more difficult on the children than our ‘Yes’ will ever be on us.”

Jason Johnson

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Helping Those Who Help The Vulnerable


As we have welcomed new children into our home, we have seen that they usually don’t come with any of the basic necessities. Immediately we have to start gathering the items they need. Usually a new placement means a hefty trip to Wal-Mart for all the odds and ends that are required to care for our new little love.

More recently, we have been blessed to be able to reach out to the Fostering Love Community Closet for help with the material needs. They have everything from diapers and bottles to Halloween costumes, holiday clothes, and toys. If we need it, they probably have it. The ladies have spent endless hours and have everything organized and easy to access and they love for us to use it. This fall I got some nice name brand church clothes and some athletic pants for our three little boys. I also found several items that I will be using as Christmas gifts for the children. We consider it a privilege to be able to use the foster closet to help meet the material needs of our children. I try to encourage every foster parent I meet to check it out.

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